Amazing Prop Creations for You!

Our team of artists will sculpt, design and fabricate an entire environment or any prop you can dream of!

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What Are Your Props/Sculptures Made of?

We use state-of-the-art 3D sculpting software and computerized cutting equipment to sculpt out of foam blocks that are later hard-coated, primed and painted. (read more)


Prop Design Gallery

Browse our gallery of custom foam sculptures, props, custom themed environments, 3D sculptures and more! (read more)


Prop Creations in the News

Our sculptures and theming creations achieve world-wide noteriety and are featured in these news videos and publications. (read more)


Custom Prop and Theming Quote

Have our expects provide you with a quote on your next prop or theming project. From materials to turnaround time estimates, we ensure the creative process fits your budget and time requirements. Contact us today!