Prop Creations offers 3D Laser Scanning services located in South Florida (Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida). Bring your small prop, sculpture, toy and/or other object of your choice and we can laser scan it on-site. We piece together the different scans into a 3D .OBJ file before enlarging and ultimately sculpting/carving.

Below we illustrate the steps involved when you provide an object for us to 3D laser scan, sculpt and finish. This example we scaled a 14 inch sculpture to over 7 feet tall.

3D Scanning to Sculpture - Step 1 - Bring object

Step 1: Supply an object to 3D Scan

First, provide us with the object, sculpture, and/or toy. The Prop Creations 3D scanning table accommodates any reasonably sized object. Small, detailed, intricate objects can be easily captured, as our laser can detect fractions of an inch on the surface. If your object is larger than 36 inches, please contact us directly and we can help scan it as best we can.

3D Scanning to Sculpture - Step 2 - Laser Scan Process

Step 2: 3D Laser Scan

After studying the object and discussing your goals, we determine the precision of the laser scanning process. The more details and surface area we have to capture, the longer the process will take. The Prop Creations team has various methods at our disposal including rotating the object 360 degrees. Hidden nooks and deep cuts are not off limits either. Our scanning process is designed to capture the most intricate surface areas we encounter.

3D Scanning to Sculpture - Step 3 - 3D Laser Digital Scan Result

Step 3: 3D Digital Scan Result

Our suite of 3D design software is then used to perfect the digital 3D scan result. Imperfections on the surface, changes, embellishments or any other creative improvement you seek can be accomplished in this step. Almost always, we can ensure the 3D digital file is as authentic as the original object. We can export an .OBJ file if you desire.

3D Scanning to Sculpture - Step 4 - Tool Path and Foam Cut

Step 4: Scaling, Pathing and Foam Cutting

3D Laser scanning and 3D digital modeling are just the beginning. We can scale your object to virtually any size your budget permits (we won’t balk at 100 feet requests!). We tool path the digital model, cut it using our high density foam and reconstruct it in a larger-than-life version.

3D Scanning to Sculpture - Step 5 - Hard coat, paint, finish

Step 5: Hard-coat, painting and finish

The final step involved in completing the sculpture involves sanding, hard-coating the foam, painting and finishing. We use metallic, chrome, matte and/or glossy paints and finishes. When discussing your needs and goals with the Prop Creations team, we always prepare the best solution for your 3D scanning and sculpting needs!

3D Modeling & Design – we can create any custom object, character, and/or sculpture using the latest 3D design software.

Step 1: Our expert 3D Artists sculpt a character or prop.

Birds 3D Model by PropCreations.com

Lucky Cat 3D Model by PropCreations.com

Step 2: 3D Modeled design is cut, hard-coated and painted.

Lucky Cat and Birds - Art Basel Miami 2012 - Miguel Paredes Art

If you have an object we can also 3D laser scan it. If not, trust our talented 3D artists to create a prop, character or environment for you using the most advanced 3D modeling software available.